After learning my life instantly went from being financially well off with a good roof over my head, to being penniless and homeless, I came upon yet another crossroad in life.  My mom's reaction was to blame others and wish me luck in life.  I had a choice, to crumble, or to Believe in myself and just stand...stand for myself, stand for survival, believe and survive.  Over the next 2 years I was homeless, living under overpasses and occasionally finding refuge in homeless shelters.  I preferred the overpasses because I knew I didn't belong in homeless shelters.  The shelters were for people who could not take care of themselves,  I COULD.  The shelters were for the people who had mental issues, I DID NOT.  The shelters were for people who couldn't find a way,  I BELIEVED I COULD.  The shelters were for people who had given up on life,  I DID NOT, AND CONTINUED TO STAND AND BELIEVE.  And, I must admit, through the years of people taking advantage of me by giving wrong change at the stores, spitting on my food,  giving me moldy rotten food because I could not see or smell, guiding me into walls and obstacles, moving items around so I could not find them simply because it was funny, I had a certain paranoia about strangers, hell, people in general, especially the ones in the shelters, so living by myself and living my own life proved easier and safer.  I checked in with mom, my sisters and brothers, and my friends every so often, but everyone in my life was in a poverty mind set and could not help and control their own lives let alone worry about mine.  During my senior year of high school I tracked down my biological dad, who is re-married and living in Florida with my biological sister, and appears to be living a decent life with a full time job and staying out of trouble.  I was able to fly out once and visit, but dad has a new life and apparently I do not fit into it.   I didn't ask him for help in life, nor did he offer.  I still call dad once a week to check in and to let him know I love him.  I don't have hate in my heart, I can find the good in every situation.  Although dad left us at an early age, and doesn't want to be inconvenienced by me these days, I will give him credit as he sent mom and us money every month through my childhood and did not neglect his financial obligations to us. Mom passed away March 28, 2012 from liver failure, presumably from the lifestyle she led.  I pride myself in being very resourceful, and self sufficient.  Growing up in a small town, in the back country, I did and can do what most sighted people can.  I have done engine rebuilds, can figure out most routine car maintenance issues, have worked construction (which I will elaborate on shortly), can handle most home repairs, from basic plumbing and electrical, to painting and general maintenance.  I have lived on farms and ranches and know how to take care of farm animals.  I have held many jobs over the years, from working at Subway and McDonalds, to being an apartment maintenance man.  But when it was time to down size, it seemed I was always the first to go.  Life started to get harder in the winter of 2008, when after years of manual labor, cane use, and hard living caught up and carpal tunnel in my hands set in to the point I could no longer use my cane.  I was walking 8 miles each way into town, through drifting snow banks, using a mouth clinking technique to guide me as I could not use my cane from the hand pain.  But I had no choice as I was looking for work, and starving.  This continued for some time when I happened upon a woman who remembered me from my childhood.  Heather, who happened to work for the local housing authority, helped me find an apartment in town.  She also introduced me to a supplement she thought might help me with my carpal tunnel.  This  supplement, helped my pain within several days, and proved to be the turning point in my life.  As I settled down into my new humble surroundings I was able to find a construction job, which I was paid $4 an hour under the table.   Heather advised me the supplement had a social networking business model behind it where I could generate money through word of mouth advertising.  I loved the idea and she introduced me to my mentor in the company that would forever change my life.  

Believe that you can achieve, no matter what happens in your life.

Just Stand and never quit!